Rain makes corn

6 Jul

Corn makes whisky, Whisky makes my baby feel a little frisky.

Ok, but really, the corn crop is flourishing and my horses are about to swim out of their pasture. Can the rain please just stop?!?!?

On a positive note we’ve made monumental strides with groundwork since the ponies haven’t been dry enough to ride.

The farrier came out Thursday and Hannah was a pill, pawing and showing her worst manners. However, with the help of a sly dressage whip she came to decide that it’d be in her best interest not to paw at the ground. Turns out pawing stings a little. Prior to this I’d tried using my voice and my hand on her shoulder but she sure wasn’t phased. I am proud to report that for the past two days she’s come in calmer, without pawing or kicking out. We even ventured to try on a fly mask today. To my surprise she didn’t throw her head in the air (she is NOT a fan of people messing with her ears/face). I was so proud, I think she’s starting to realize that her new Mom is full of nice treasures and lots of attention. Additionally, her personality is really shining, she’s a big fan of playing with the hose and makes some of the funniest faces. I’m falling in love, quick.

My coworker, Christine, did manage to squeeze in a short ride on Ruth at the beginning of the week, they made lots of progress with bending (at the walk). The biggest issue we are encountering is that no one has a saddle to fit the couch of a pony and her lack of wither allows any saddle to slide halfway down her back. Looks like I’ll be riding bareback and ordering a breastplate ASAP. She’s better than Hannah when it comes to manners but she can be pushy. When I spend time untangling her mane she likes to turn and look at me or rest her head on my shoulder; & while it’s slightly endearing it’s also a bad habit. I’ve tried just about everything to keep her out of my space but I’m cautious because I by no means want to make her head shy. The problem with correcting her is that she treats it like a game.. I can smack her nose and she does it again as a ‘na-na-nah-boo-boo’. Anyone got any advice? I’ve waved my hands, smacked her nose, and popped her with the brush: Nothing phases her!

I also wanted to ask y’alls opinion on fly boots. I’ve been looking at the Kensington Flyboots.  (http://www.smartpakequine.com/kensington-flyboots–2292p.aspx) I’ve read a lot of reviews and I’m considering getting them because Hannah stomps at flies, I’m worried she’s going to tear up her feet. Also, what do y’all think about fly sheets? She’s never worn ‘clothes’ and I have mixed feelings.

Oh & for y’alls enjoyment I found a video of Hannah from 2009 (as a 2 year old) when she was being trained in hand for her inspection


Rolex H

1 Jul

Rolex H

Hannah’s brother. Can you see the resemblance? 

Misery loves Company

29 Jun

Welcome to the world of horse ownership. I am now an official worry wart whose horse might as well be pooping liquid gold. Turns out my horse seems to be the epitome of problem child.

The mares trailered well, they arrived around 7pm on Saturday, just before sundown. They stepped off the trailer and were turned into a paddock to settle in for the night. On Sunday the mares were turned out with the ‘pasture boarded mares’. Shockingly there was no major drama/squealing/confrontation. However, for various reasons a decision was made to move the mares into a closer pasture and onto stall board. Unfortunately when we pulled the mares up Hannah was short two shoes. I am not sure how but she pulled both back shoes with clips. {On a positive note I do need a farrier and better to build a relationship with one sooner than later.} She has also managed to knick up her face and legs over the course of this week, I’ll pick up some Corona or Furazone in addition to the SWAT I’ve been using.

The mares then moved back into the small paddock until their new pasture fence is repaired from a down tree. I’ve spent majority of my time after work this week spending time grooming the mares and watching them react/settle in. I did lunge Hannah on Monday because she seemed especially on edge. She just LOVES to work. As soon as I sent her around a light clicked off and she settled right in. My biggest problem is that they’ve become buddy sour. As of right now I do not have the option to separate them so I will update when I get the solution all figured out.

I plan on working the girls for the first real time this evening. I’ll be sure to make time to update! Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: Pictures!

They rode in style.

They rode in style.


Hannah in Kentucky.

Hannah driving

Hannah ground driving in Kentucky. This was the first time she’d had tack on in a year.

Hannah right after she stepped off the trailer.

Han right after she stepped off the trailer.


Ruth in Kentucky.

Ruthie ground driving in Kentucky. This really shows her color (& don't worry she's lost weight since then).

Ruthie ground driving in Kentucky. This shows her dapples (& don’t worry she’s lost weight since then).


Ruthie in the barn isle at her current barn.

Settling in

The girls settling in on Saturday evening after their long trailer ride.

‘Twas the night before Christmas

22 Jun

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Ok, who am I kidding? It’s the end of June and I’m jittering like a 5 year old with an endless sugar supply.. I’m anxiously awaiting the wish that made it atop every Christmas list for as long as I’ve been able to scribble out the word ‘Pony’.  I’ve been very fortunate over my years with a loving family and nearly everything I wanted but a horse was never quite in Santa’s budget. Therefore, at the age of 23 I’m taking matters into (well, out of) my own pocketbook & getting my first horse.

The trailer will depart from Morganfield, Kentucky tomorrow morning, Saturday, June 22nd, at the crack of dawn; approximately 5:30 am. Aboard the trailer will be two very talented and vastly different mares. The first of the two is a horse named Hannah, my girl. Hannah is a chestnut Rheinland Pfalz-Saar mare at the tender age of 6. Her travel buddy, Ruthie, is a striking chocolate dapple palomino paint pony whom I will be marketing & selling in the Carolinas. {Don’t worry a spam of pictures will follow their arrival}

I’ve lined up the barn and packed up my tack, now for the hard part. The next 16ish hours will go slower than the past few days combined, isn’t that how this always works?


Strangely enough I’ve been inspired to start this blog by someone I’ve never met in person. I was fortunate enough to ‘meet’ blogger Lindsey (Alchemy Eventing) through the purchase of a dressage saddle on eBay. It started with a few casual emails discussing the shipping details but it didn’t take long for Lindsey and I to begin swapping stories and actually chatting. After a few messages back and forth she sent me the link to her blog. I skipped back to the posts from when she was just getting her horse, Wiz.. I couldn’t believe how much I could relate! Thus after very little encouragement I decided she was right, maybe I too should start a blog. So here I am, at nearly midnight, rambling on and on about getting my first horse and realizing my childhood dream. #NeverbeenmoreExcited